Switching modes

There is an option to change the different editor modes for your document. Editor modes control what tagging will be allowed in your document (a combination of XML and RDF).

  1. Click on the Settings button on the top right top of the editor

  2. Select your preferred editor mode from the drop-down menu and click on OK. This will change the editor mode for your document. There are three editor modes in CWRC-Writer, based on the treatment of overlap.
    • XML only
    • XML and RDF (no overlap)
    • XML and RDF (overlapping entities)
    • RDF only
    The default mode is XML and RDF - no overlap. You can change the editor mode in your document at any time (NOTE: If you have overlapping entities and are attempting to switch to a mode which prohibits them. The overlapping entities will be discarded if you switch modes).