Creating a document

To create CWRC-Writer compatible documents you can either upload well formed XML files or create a document from existing templates.

The folders collection policy needs to have the matching content model for what you are creating or uploading. For more information see link
  1. In your project folder click on the “Manage” tab.
  2. Click on “Add item.”

  3. This brings you to the page where you need to select your content model. For XML documents choose "CWRC Document Content Model."

  4. You then need to select a form for your document.
    We suggest you to use the "CWRC born digital" for uploading XML or creating a document from a template (unless you are uploading a book).

  5. This brings you to a form that lets you add information about the document you are either uploading or creating.
    The only required field is the title.

  6. Click on next button at the bottom of the form.
  7. This is where you choose to either upload a file or begin from a template. Choose your option.

  8. If you have selected to upload from file, click on “Browse.”
    1. Once you have found your document click on “Open.”
    2. Select “Upload.”
      Any documents that you are uploading must be well formed XML and end in .xml. If the document is not a “well formed XML” document or does not have the .xml file name extension then you cannot upload it.
    3. Select your document schema from the dropdown menu.
    4. Click on “Ingest” and begin to work with your document.
  9. If you have selected to open a template, click on the template option.
    1. Choose the type of template you would like to work with.
      The templates are already associated with schemas so you do not have to select one.
    2. Click on “Ingest” and begin to work with your document.