Copying and pasting text

Copying and pasting text into CWRC-Writer, can be achieved in two ways. The first, by highlighting text in the text area.

  1. Copy the information that you would like to paste into CWRC-Writer.

    You can copy any information from inside or outside of CWRC-Writer. If you copy text from another XML document all existing tags will be stripped out when the text is pasted into CWRC-Writer.
    Note: CWRC-Writer only allows users to copy and paste using their keyboard shortcuts (Command C and V for Mac; Control C and V for P. C.s) and right-click menus.
  2. Activate the field you are pasting into.
    To do this, highlight the text you wish to paste over within the document in the editing pane.
    Note: Currently you cannot paste into multiple tags at once. For example, in the prose document you need to paste in paragraphs one "p" tag at a time (this is true for lines, notes, etc. as well).
  3. Paste text in, using the keyboard shortcuts, Cmd V or Ctrl V
    The text will show up in to the desired field. The structure panel tags will not be affected, unless you have pasted over preexisting tags. If you do those tags will be deleted.