Copying and pasting multiple tags

Copying and pasting multiple tags within CWRC-Writer is the fastest way to build up a document. Whether you are adding poem lines or more notes, you can create entire sections of structure in a few easy steps.

You can copy any tag that exists in the document and the tags that are nested below it.
  1. To copy and paste a parent tag and all the tags nested within it, the user needs to click twice on a tag (until it is bolded and italicized) and use your keyboard shortcut to copy.
    Note: CWRC-Writer only allows users to copy and paste using their keyboard shortcuts (Command C and V for Macs; Control C and V for P. C.s) and the right-click menu.
  2. Right-click on a tag in the structure panel and choose one of the Insert Options. Depending on which option you chose this will insert a tag, before, after, or inside the tag you have selected.

    To paste the tags in the document, we suggest first inserting a new tag into which you can paste.
  3. Select the tag you have just added to the document until it is bolded and italicized. Use your keyboard shortcut to paste.

In the poem document you can click on a "lg" tag (until it is bolded and italicized) and use your keyboard shortcut (Command or Control C) to copy that tag.

Then insert a new "lg" tag by bolding the last one in the list and choosing the right-click option Insert Tag After (in this case choosing to insert a new "lg" tag).

When you choose to add a "lg" tag, this will create an empty tag that you can then paste the structure into; click on the tag (until it is bolded) and paste the information in.

Success! You have pasted tags and text in the structure, creating a new "lg" tag with nested "l" tags.